Echo Crafts

Are you looking for a truly unique gift that can be treasured for years to come?

Have you ever wondered what to buy the person who has everything?

These framed pictures contain hand-crafted clay characters personalised to resemble your family and friends. The characters can have pets or accessories to reflect their hobbies in the picture with them and you can choose the background colour or photo.

I like to use embellishments such as gems, pebbles and shells to create a visual treat which is one of a kind. Wherever your imagination takes you I will follow, consulting with you all the way to make sure your picture is as special as the person for whom it is intended.

Family Trees

A modern, funny take on the traditional, your family tree will be a unique focal point in your home. In a 50x50cm black or white frame the tree, background and leaves can be made in any colour even co-ordinating with your wallpaper! I love making the trees as they really show what your family is like in a way photographs can't capture. By incorporating personality traits, hobbies and professions, these portraits give a beautiful, true reflection of your family.

Weddings and Anniversaries

I know how much time and effort goes into making sure the dress, the suit and the venue are all perfect so I want to make sure that this shows in your picture. Using photographs and your description I can make the bride and groom's outfits match those worn on the day. If you have a suitable photo I can even make the background the actual church or venue the couple are being or were married in. These pictures make the perfect keepsake and you'll know your gift for them is one of a kind.

People, Pets and Groups
you name it!

Just let me know what you want, it's only limited by your and my imagination... mine is pretty crazy!!
I've even strated pickling people now ......

Pickled People

These jars are my latest creation containing your family member or friends, complete with personalised ingredients label.

A big heart, 1 pint of beer, loud snores, swimming goggles.... whatever makes that person them can be included.

How I Work

I'd be more than happy to answer any questions and discuss your picture so please contact me for further information.

The order page has quote tool to give you an idea of prices and tells you the information I need to get started.