How to order

Every picture is made to order so it's completely personal to you. It's worth having a think about the questions below to help things along.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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For an idea of how much your personalised picture will cost, please use the form below. This will give you an estimate but please email me to confim the price and dicuss your specific requirements.

The first thing to select is the type of picture you want, check out my Gallery to see examples of each. Depending on what type of picture you would like, there are some limitations to the frames I can use, however if there is something specific you would like please drop me a line and we can discuss it.

Frame size is the next choice, again head to the Gallery to see examples of each. Family trees can only be made in the large frames. All sizes are in centimeters.

How many adults and children will be in the picture?

How many pets will be in the picture?

How many large extra accessories would you like? Things such as books, wine or beer glasses are included with the people, these extras are for bikes, boats etc.

On the small and medium frames I can include a photograph background if it is suitable.